About kudra

A non-profit organization that aims to provide social development solutions through:

Innovating solutions

Innovating solutions in response to the needs of society in order to develop it.


Contributing to increase human, intellectual, and economic effectiveness in society.

Balanced development

Balanced development, represented in the equation of human, environment, and resources.

Kudra organization

Kudra has a business model that depends on true understanding of the needs of society, grasping and understanding what helps develop it, having all the keys to success, targeting real development which combines the human development equation, enabling environment development, and resources investment.

Our mission

  • To implement effective and sustainable comprehensive developmental programs.
  • To develop the concept of granting from material to human assets.
  • Sustainable participatory experiences, initiatives, grants, and resources.
  • Launching volunteer work programs and projects which contribute to the social cohesion and organization.


  • Designing and launching programs that contribute to social development from the perspective of integration and inclusion in solutions that aim to build human capacities, provide a work and productivity system, and invest smart resources.
  • Shifting initiatives and projects from relief to empowerment.
  • Developing intellectual investment to become a complimentary and supportive factor in the social development process.
  • Planning and implementing volunteer projects with assessing the effective social impact and social return.
  • Launching capacities in sustainable projects, empowering leadership, invested resources, and effective involvement in society.