Kudra’s methodology in research and analytics

Strategic Assets

We believe that data and information are strategic assets for the institution. Investing these assets improve performance and lowers the risks of decision-making.

Analytics-driven decisions

We, in Kudra, believe that we are in an increasingly complicated world, and that we are in circumstances that require us to make decisions based on accurate scientific understanding which can’t be reached without research and analytics using effective tools and techniques that are compatible with the circumstances.

Meaningful cognitive production

Kudra aims to build a scientific platform that produces knowledge to serve social and economic development in the Arab region

Kudra’s Solutions in
Research And analytics

Social Surveys

Index Building

Social Impact and Social Return

Needs Assessment Research

Social Impact and Social Return

Conducting a statistical study on the project and its outcomes to generate a detailed scientific report on social impact and return of the project, or to predict the social return that the project will cause. The Social Return study includes the following indicators and assessments:

Positive, negative, direct, and indirect outcomes of the projects, in addition to the fundamental factors affecting these outcomes.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Why is social impact analysis important?


Impact on stakeholders

Providing a professional scientific study to convince decision-makers and donors of the outcomes and direct and indirect impact of the project on society.


Scientific Evaluation

Evaluating the capability of the project’s inputs to achieve the desired impact, and comparing the outcomes of the project based on social return.


Optimal Planning

Direct the organization’s work towards projects that achieve maximum impact, thus maximizing the social impact of the organization as a whole.

Needs Assessment Research

What does Kudra provide?

Assessing and predicting the needs of an area or a society for particular products and solutions through developing needs assessment indicators, and evaluating these indicators in a statistical study on the area or society.

Why is needs assessment research important?

Identifying new needs

A better understanding of the needs that can’t be perceived as important, or even existing needs.


Greater credibility and descriptive objectivity to the people’s needs

Needs Diagnosis

More familiarity with the needs of the group or society; a good survey gives more detailed information, and is more representative of the group of people, compared to the observation method

Compatibility with society’s needs

Ensuring that any activity or decision taken will be in line with society’s needs.


Documenting these needs as required for funding

Index building

What does Kudra provide?

One of the challenges that arise during project planning, and monitoring and evaluation planning is how to assess the goals in quantitative methods, which requires building indicators to measure the outcomes and performance of the project with quantitative methods.

Why it is important to build indices for assessing and planning the project?


Digital description of the outcomes and performance facilitates the evaluation and comparison process

Scientific Credibility

Giving credibility to the outcomes of the project as objective scientific indicators focus on objectives rather than being an arbitrary personal description of the outcomes


The ability to predict the outcomes of other projects by enabling researchers with scientific quantitative tools

Monitoring & Evaluation

What does Kudra provide?

  • Develop project plans according to the logical framework approach Logframe
  • Develop assessment system and indicators
  • Prepare data collection tools and conduct field collection
  • Assessing project social impact and sustainability
  • Perform base-line assessment and control-group studies.

Why work with Kudra in M&E?

Customization: In Kudra, we are keen on maintaining the organization’s private situation in terms of activity, administrative model, environment, and project circumstances. The framework for monitoring and evaluation is designed to fit all these variables and parameters.

Digitals: Kudra invests in digital technology and the development of using digital tools to suit working conditions. We invest in data collection (Kubo, Data Cone) and we use R, IBM SPSS Statistics.

Analytics and Interpretation: In Kudra, we seek the best investment in data resulting from M&E processes to provide scientific statistical interpretations and justifications of the outcomes which, in turn, contribute to better planning for future projects.

Social Surveys

What does Kudra provide?

Conducting studies to understand and cover social issues through:

Social problems diagnostic research aimed at identifying the root problems of the issue at hand.

Development and innovation studies and solutions based on observation techniques, needs analysis, and discussion groups.

Our work in Research & Analytics