Capacity Building

Kudra provides a set of training and advisory services in capacity-building for NGOs. Our programs and services cover the following 3 areas:

Operational Skills

Social Entrepreneurship


Kudra’s capacity-building services are divided into:

Training Programs

Coaching and Mentoring

Training Solutions

II- Start

Start-ups Management

Business model design

Design of the value provided to customers

Prototype Testing

Financial health

Coaching and Mentoring

Kudra Strategy’s model works in institutional building according in following steps:

Building the Strategic Direction

  • The organization’s business model
  • Setting the vision, mission and values of the organization
  • The organization’s strategic goals (including what the organization needs to complete its work.
  • The suitable organizational structure according to the Strategic objectives of the organization.
  • The job descriptions related to the organizational structure
  • The organizatin's rules of procedures.
  • Direct and preparatory action plan of the organization, and defining performance indicators in each section
  • The proposed media identity of the organization.

Alignment and Coaching

  • Aligning between on the outputs of the first phase and the organization’s human or financial resources.
  • Contributing to assigning the appropriate staff when needed.
  • Training the current staff on the organization’s working system, and making the appropriate adjustments to comply with the goals of the organization.
  • Direct training and coaching of the team on the work's updates and progress.

Development and participation

  • Providing studies of the needs of the projects that the organization implements, along with offering financial feasibility studies.
  • Presenting ideas and projects for the appropriate development of the services that the organization provide.
  • Empowering the organization to work effectively according to the standards of local and international donors.
  • Creating an integrated training plan for the organization to comply with the working standards specified in the plan.
  • Providing appropriate training in accordance with the proposed plan.
  • Contributing to the building of a useful relations network in the area of work of the organization locally/ regionally/ internationally.
  • Managing and implementing projects in the organization’s independent projects system

Training Solutions

Kudra’s model of training solutions works according to the following steps:


It includes identifying the training need.


It includes designing the training program so that it meets the identified training need.


It includes presenting the program properly.

Our work in Capacity Building