Empowering Today, Building Tomorrow

Together, we ignite a powerful force for positive change, empowering communities and individuals alike


Kudra is a non-profit organization dedicated to the community's long-term development through innovative social, institutional, and economic empowerment initiatives.

What motivates us

We believe that innovation happens when we design solutions with people and not for them. So, we look at people‘s problems as opportunities for innovation and creativity. 

We realize that change cannot take place without anticipating action and taking the initiative

We believe that social capital is the most important resource of society, and social capital make the impossible possible. 

Our Approach

From Relief to Empowerment: Relief for Kudra is limited in both quantity and duration. So, we move beyond relief to long-term empowerment. 

Social Innovation: Crafting effective solutions can only be achieved without working close to human 

Balanced Development: We believe that sustainable development is impossible to achieve unless human development, the environment, and the economy are all balanced. 



We are committed to high standards of accountability and willing to share our information and data with a wide range of stakeholders.

Balanced development

We believe in inclusive development for human being, starting by our team, and them our beneficiaries.

Social Impact

From a data-driven management mindset, we are inspired to create a deeper and longer-lasting impact for the humans and society.


We are unique, adaptable to change, and our work environment is full of excitement, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to support the others.


We believe that fairness entails providing equal opportunities to all people.