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  • Baseer represents our core line of work in third-party monitoring and evaluation, designed to ensure the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian efforts in Syria. This dynamic program provides donor organizations with insights to elevate their operational efficiency and flexibility. Through comprehensive assessments and strategic guidance, Baseer helps organizations align their initiatives with the real needs of the communities they serve, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and impactful, sustainable results. 


The Baseer program functions as a dynamic force for empowering donor institutions, elevating them to new levels of effectiveness and flexibility. It supports informed decision-making, enhances transparency, accountability, and learning, and directs efforts to address root causes effectively. This results in impactful and sustainable outcomes that promote a culture of continuous improvement, enabling organizations to glean valuable lessons from both successes and challenges, ensuring their initiatives are aligned with the genuine needs of the target communities. 


The program encompasses a diverse range of third-party monitoring and evaluation services, including needs assessments and impact measurement. It covers various humanitarian sectors and includes technical and field monitoring activities. Utilizing specialized data collection tools and conducting necessary field activities, we produce professional reports to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the evaluations, achieving tangible and sustainable results. 


Kudra has implemented numerous third-party monitoring and evaluation projects in partnership with international organizations and UN agencies, aiming to improve the quality and maximize the impact of humanitarian and development projects. 

Key Activities Executed: Personal interviews, surveys, on-site monitoring, post-distribution monitoring, focus group discussions, technical and field monitoring visits by experts 


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