Together, we can rebuild dreams from the ashes and face challenges.


Business scoot program

  • Kudra organization recognizes the importance of building and supporting a balanced society that can effectively maintain progress and growth. To achieve this, it follows an approach based on providing financial support and guidance to micro, small, and medium enterprises, especially those that provide indispensable services to society, which often face many obstacles and challenges with the aim of supporting its recovery and restoration. This approach is compatible and integrated with the organization’s approach based on supporting entrepreneurial and innovative projects

The impact we aspire to achieve through the “Business Scoot” program 

Providing financial support: Providing financial grants to owners of micro, small and medium projects affected by natural disasters or stalled to help them revitalize and recover their projects. 

Providing technical support: providing guidance and orientation to project owners and empowering them with the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome the challenges they may face. 

Enabling community solutions: focusing on projects that have a positive impact on society and that provide sustainable development solutions. 

Empowering businesswomen: Promoting gender equality through effective support and empowerment of women-owned enterprises.