Enabling Young People to Succeed in the Workplace , Investing in their future , Building a Stronger Workforce. 


Scope program

  • This initiative is an essential part of our organization’s efforts to invest in the future and the younger generations that represent our hope in building prosperous societies. 

    The initiative focuses on providing specialized, effective, and innovative vocational and educational training in a range of different professional fields, ending with paid employment, which contributes to developing youth skills and improving their abilities to adapt to labor market developments, bridging the gap between their capabilities and the labor market, and contributing to both individual growth and the comprehensive development of societies. 

    We believe in the importance of this model of projects in supporting and empowering youth, and we strive to develop more inspiring and innovative projects to serve our noble goal of achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for youth and the communities we serve. 

The impact we aspire to achieve through this initiative 

Improving Youth Opportunities: Our organization aims to provide opportunities for ambitious youth to improve their standard of living and achieve economic improvement by providing specialized vocational training.

Professional Development: We seek to empower the youth and develop their professional capabilities and skills to enable them to compete in the modern labor market.

Fostering Financial Independency: We aim to help the youth achieve financial independence and self-reliance.   

Supporting the local community: We aim to support the local market with qualitative qualified forces capable of advancing evolution and development. 

Promoting innovation and leadership: We urge the youth to develop a spirit of innovation and leadership to find new job opportunities and achieve excellence in their chosen fields.