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  • Scope is a strategic program within our youth empowerment initiatives, designed to equip young individuals with the necessary skills to enter and thrive in the job market. This program functions as a youth empowerment and employment support system, providing comprehensive training and resources to bridge the gap between education and employment. By preparing youth for professional success, Scope plays a critical role in fostering economic stability and community development. 


The program aims to develop the capacities of young people and improve their access to the job market quickly. By doing so, it directly contributes to building their personal and professional profiles. Through this program, youth are empowered to acquire the skills necessary for professional success, increasing their chances of securing suitable employment, which in turn enhances their economic stability and contributes to local community development. 


Scope offers professional vocational training in fields that are in high demand in the job market, accompanied by accredited certificates and advanced scientific materials and tools. It also provides continuous consulting and guidance to improve participants’ practical skills and capabilities. Additionally, the program offers paid work opportunities to help participants develop their practical skills further. 


The program has successfully facilitated employment opportunities for many young men and women in the targeted job markets. By providing specialized diplomas in various fields and equipping participants with the necessary certifications, Scope has helped bridge the gap between their skills and the job market’s needs. This has made it easier for them to access potential opportunities and enhanced their financial independence. 


Implemented Projects


Number of Beneficiaries

Syrian youth

Target Group


Average Project Funding

Afrin, Al-Atarib in Syria, Gaziantep in Turkey