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Startup yard program

  • In 2017, while the focus was on providing relief to supply urgent assistance to refugees, Kudra Organization had a unique vision that focused on empowering individuals, especially youth. Rather than providing immediate assistance only, we aimed to support self-sufficiency and long-term economic progress through Promoting and developing entrepreneurship. 

    We called this initiative “Start”. It was initially motivated by the volunteering efforts of Kudra’s team and their belief in the need to work on the transition from relief to empowerment. Through continuous cooperation with international organizations and UN agencies, we succeeded in establishing partnerships to support our cause. 

    Over the past years up to this date, this initiative has developed into one of the most impactful endeavors in Türkiye and is specifically targeted towards supporting youth refugees in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Together with many international and local partners and UN agencies, and after implementing many projects within this initiative, we have expanded its scope of work to become more comprehensive under the name of “Startup Yard” as this initiative started its work in providing training, financing, and business incubation services, It also participated in the launch and growth of hundreds of entrepreneurship projects, which effectively contributed to the creation of job opportunities and the advancement of the refugee community in general. 

The impact we aspire to achieve through the “Startup Yard” program 

Entrepreneurship Development: The initiative succeeded in promoting entrepreneurship among youth refugees, providing them with the support and resources needed to develop their business ideas and launch startups. 

Creating job opportunities: By launching and developing hundreds of entrepreneurial projects, the initiative contributed to creating job opportunities within the refugee community. These firms provided not only employment opportunities for the entrepreneurs themselves but also additional jobs for the local population. 

Self Sufficiency: The initiative enabled youth refugees to achieve self-sufficiency. through their businesses, they gained financial independence and reduced their dependence on foreign aid. 

Community Progress: The success of these entrepreneurial projects had a multiplied positive impact on the wider community. It has led to economic growth, improved living standards, and increased social inclusion. 

Partnerships and Collaboration: The initiative has established strong partnerships with international and local organizations and UN agencies, drawing on their resources and expertise to support refugee entrepreneurs. This collaboration not only strengthened the impact of the initiative but also fostered a sense of solidarity and shared responsibility among the various stakeholders working towards the same goal.